1. Manufactured from combination of Ultra-high molecular weight (UHM) Polyphenylene polymers combined with high strength steel composite with Anti Fragmentation properties.
  2. Completely covers metallic inner surface of MPV/ Armoured Vehicles.
  3. Gives protection from very Heavy Impacts and reduces traumatic injuries.
  4. In case of blast doesn’t injure the occupants as material is very flexible and doesn’t create any impact of its own rather provides ample cushioning effect.
  5. Secured and installed by high grade Aramid / PE fibre locking mechanism.
  6. Lined with Fire Retardant impact resistant foam and Spall liners made from high strength fibres Aramids and UHMWPE.
  7. Modular and can be installed and re-installed easily. Can be retrofitted in existing Vehicles without much of effort.
  8. Any Metallic Protrusions (like Hooks, nuts and bolts, air conditioning pipes and joints) are also covered with composite panel giving protection against secondary projectiles inside the cabin.

9.Outer layer is lined with nascent polymers to provide extra strength and easy maintenance and to provide additional safety.

10.Ballistic Glass windows corners are completely covered with composite interior panels.

11.Cupola coverings and Hatch coverings are also provided with easy fit option.

12. Provides excellent protections from accidental injury due to spillage from Heated oils and lubricants of vehicle and air conditioning systems, which otherwise may seep from foams and carpets.

13.Provides excellent protection and aesthetics to all electrical lights and fitting and prevents shocks and short circuits.

14.Easy to clean and maintain, Covers Ballistic Steel and light weight ballistic composite panels from environmental degradation.

15.Provides excellent insulation from environmental factors. Hygienic and doesn’t allows any fungal and bacterial growths in high moisture areas.